The most common surgical intervention in dentistry is dental extraction.
When a tooth is very damaged and cannot be rebuilt or its poor condition causes complications, then it must be extracted.

Dental extraction

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The dental extraction is the intervention that involves removing the tooth that cannot be treated by usual methods – dental fillings, crowns etc. or that threaten to severely damage the teeth nearby. The need for extraction will be decided after a thorough check and after taking into consideration the alternatives to save the tooth. The need for a dental extraction is due to the serious damage to the tooth from a periodontal disease, an abscess or infection that destroyed the tooth or the jaw bone, or the necessity of removing of the wisdom teeth. After a complicated extraction, stitches are needed to close the wound. The extracted tooth can then be replaced with an implant (see IMPLANTOLOGY), a prosthetic or a dental bridge.

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The dento-alveolar surgery

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The dento-alveolar surgery offers the solution for some complicated problems, that have as a starting point the dento-maxillary system: apical granulomas, maxillary cysts, included or semi-included wisdom teeth, included canines, difficult dental extractions, periosteal abscesses with dental starting point, prosthetic surgical treatment, benign tumors, periodontal surgery, bone augmentation, sinus lift etc.

In our medical office, we perform the following surgical interventions:
– dental implants
– dental extractions
– odontectomy
– apical resections
– cystectomy
– premolarization
– periodontal surgery
– implant insertion surgery
– mobile prosthetic surgery

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