Dental implant is the most advanced actual therapy to replace a missing tooth.

By replacing the missing teeth, the implants offer comfort and aesthetics.


Canal treatment

Save your tooth until it’s too late!!

The canal or endodontic treatment is necessary when the dental pulp is inflamed or infected, usually due to deep cavities, a large dental filling, enamel cracks or due to tooth injuries. The quick intervention by your dentist can save your tooth, but if you delay the visit to your doctor, the pain may increase, until the abscess formation.

The canal treatment consists of cleaning the cavity of inflamed, infected or dead tissue, in order to create a sterile environment inside the tooth. Later, the canal obturation is made to protect the tooth root from the bacteria that may develop and the appearance of an extra cavity. The completion of the canal treatment is ready when the doctor will fill the root canals and the tooth with a special material that secures the area. If the tooth has been severely affected, it needs a dental crown that will provide long-term protection. It is a complicated and lasting process involving more visits to the dentist. Even if it is a complicated procedure, there is no risk of pain because it is performed under local anesthesia.

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Obturatia coronara

Coronary obturation

Everybody knows it. It’s called a dental filling!!

The treatment of dental cavities may have different degrees of difficulty, dental fillings being the most common treatment these days. Dental cavities appears when residual food left on teeth turns into acids that attack the tooth, first the enamel and then the inside – the dentin. Today, the advanced technology allows us to use high-quality materials with time-resistance and adaptation to the natural shade of the tooth, as well as methods without pain.

The composite fillings are the most commonly used solution for imitating the tooth appearance and providing a long-lasting protection. The procedure consists in cleaning the cavities and applying the composite material that will be shaped by the doctor, to have a natural appearance of the tooth. The advantages of the composite are not only aesthetic but also medical. The amalgam, besides being unattractive due to color, has a high content of mercury, which can cause various body affections, so more and more people choose to replace their old fillings with composite ones, eliminating the mercury and increasing the aesthetic level of the teeth.

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Dental gangrene

A dental emergency!!

The gangrene is a dental emergency because it can cause the spread of infection in other areas. This occurs after the nerve mummification inside the tooth.

First it occurs when the untreated cavities evolves in the depth of the tooth, reaching up to the nerve, generating very high intensity pains. As the nerve is destroyed, the pain disappears, so many people do not go to the dentist. In this case, the lack of pain means aggravating the problem because the destroyed nerve begins to decompose and the gangrene develops.

An untreated gangrene leads to the destruction and infection of the bone around the top of the root and to the formation of granuloma but can cause serious infections to the heart, kidneys and rheumatic problems. The treatment of the pulp gangrene consists of removing the infected pulp and controlling the infection by pharmaceutical and mechanical treatment. The treatment ends with root canal obturation and tooth crown reconstruction.

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