The dental implant is the most advanced existing therapy to replace a missing tooth.

By replacing the missing teeth, implants offer superior functional and aesthetic comfort.


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The dental implant fully restores the functional and aesthetic aspects of teeth. Other methods of replacing lost teeth (dental bridges or prosthetics) are invasive solutions that are initially cheaper but long-term proven to be costly investments. Practically speaking, the dental implant is a small titanium screw that serves as a substitute for the root of the tooth or an anchor for the new tooth.

We use the best implant systems, rigorously respect the sterilization rules, and the specializations made in prestigious clinics in Europe allow us to achieve extraordinary results in implant treatment and surgery. Together with Dr. Parisescu, you will decide what needs to be done for your preparation, which is the best time to perform the intervention and which is the best method of anesthesia for you. We offer all the information regarding the preoperative, surgical and recovery stages, each treatment being made only according to your needs.

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The intervention description

Information is important!

The candidate that can benefit from a dental implant is required to be healthy and have one or more missing teeth. In order for the surgery to proceed perfectly, you need to have enough bone at the place where the implant should be inserted. If you do not have enough bone, there are various osteosynthesis procedures to facilitate a sufficient bone support for the dental implant.

First step
for a dental implant is the checkup involving a panoramic radiography and a treatment plan. Based on the radiography that reveals the bone substrates required to insert the implants, their placement can be planned.

The second step
is represented by the insertion of dental implants into the bone. Also in this stage, the bone augmentation is done if the bone is insufficient and devices are temporary. After a week of surgery, the stitches are removed and a period of 3-6 months must pass, while the implants fit perfectly into the bone.

The third step
is the completion of the intervention and the moment when the print is taken for the final dental device. The print is sent to the technician, where the device is made individually, followed by a test and the final fastening.



Implant warranty

We assure quality!

We grant full written warranties for all mobile or fixed dental devices, based on a Warranty Certificate, certificate of origin of used materials and guarantee for implant systems. Because the dental laboratory is an integrated part of the dental treatment process, being chosen by the physician and not by the patient, the guarantee of all the work is strictly the responsibility of the doctor’s office, the patient being protected from the unfortunate cases that occur between doctors and dental technicians. The dental implant treatments are only guaranteed if all stages of treatment have been performed in Dr. Parisescu’s office. The warranty refers to the actual implant, crown and execution. It is strictly conditioned by the precise following of the dental hygiene instructions, as well of the instructions explained in detail to the patient upon the treatment completion.

The dentist may refuse to perform the intervention if the patient is not realistic in his expectations regarding the possible outcome.

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Beneficiile implanturilor dentare

The benefits of dental implants

Regain confidence in you!

Whether you miss one tooth or all, the implant is the best way to a natural look. The cost of dental implants is higher than for other types of restorations, but they come with a number of advantages that do not exist in the case of prosthetics or dental bridges. The dental implants are inserted into the bone and feel as good as natural teeth. The dental implants will help you chew naturally and much easier than using a prosthetic, these have a natural appearance, very close to natural teeth, which helps restore self-confidence.

The dental implants do not affect speech but improve pronunciation by eliminating the fear of it.

The success rate of dental implants varies depending on where they are inserted, but the implant generally has a success rate of over 98%. The long duration of the dental implant until the “old age” includes good dental health and gums and a good bone structure.

The implants are made of titanium, a lightweight and very resistant material.
They will resist into the bone for many years if you pay a special attention to them.

With a proper home care and regular professional hygiene, many implants last a lifetime, not just 10 years.

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