Prophylaxis is the prevention of mouth disease. The regular check of the dentist

is the only and most effective way to avoid complicated and costly treatments to

avoid dental caries or periodontal disease.

Professional plaque cleaning

Eliminate the plaque and make sure your teeth are healthy

The dental plaque cleaning consists of removing the plaque deposit using an ultrasonic device and polishing all the teeth. The procedure aims to restore the healthy teeth environment, the normal aesthetic appearance and also to help control oral hygiene. The most important factor leading to yellowing and tooth decay is the consumption of colorful and aggressive foods, coffee or tobacco. Without a professional dental cleaning, the bacterial accumulation that turns into plaque favors the occurrence of periodontal disease, so we recommend a six-month plaque cleaning session.

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periaj profesional

Professional brushing

Cleaning first of all

The role of professional brushing is to remove bacteria from the dental surface, stains and plaque  deposits and is performed after the professional plaque cleaning with ultrasounds in the dentist’s office. If you are a smoker, then the recommendation is to do it every 6 months because the professional brushing is done with professional equipment and special paste, that provides an exemplary hygiene.

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Professional fluorination

Prevention first of all

The new form of prophylaxis of major importance in reducing the dental decay is the fluorination that helps by remineralizing and fortifying the tooth enamel. This technique helps people with a high degree of sensitivity, eliminating the pain that occurs at extreme temperatures – hot or cold. This procedure is recommended for all persons, except pregnant women and children under 6 years of age. Its maximum efficiency is achieved in combination with professional plaque cleaning and brushing.

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Dental sealing

Provides protection for 2 years

Dental sealing is an extremely effective measure that ensures that small cracks or dental ditches leading to cavities will disappear. These small cracks or ditches appear in molars or premolars – areas hard to access for brushing. The sealing is recommended to children because it does not involve the use of anesthesia or drilling and is very easy acceptable. It can also be made for adults, the primary condition is that the teeth do not have cavities. The procedure is very simple and involves a preliminary cleaning and a liquid application on the tooth surface, that will penetrate the existing cracks and will not allow the bacteria to affect the teeth health. Even if you have choose a dental sealing, we recommend you do not forget about the periodic checks.

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Mouth guard protection against bruxism

Take care of your teeth while sleeping

The bruxism, known as grinding, is a parafunctional habit that is caused by many factors: early-life strokes, kicks in the occipital or parietal lobes area, or the consumption of psychoactive substances and occurs only during sleep, when the patient is unable to control his movements. The problem becomes acute in stressful states or moments with a special emotional load. The bruxism occurs both to children and adults, but the frequency is important for people aged between 25 and 44 years and causes dental sensitivity, tooth mobility, migraines or facial pain. The lack of treatment can lead to tooth decay and loss.

The best treatment is to use the mouth guard to protect the teeth from breaking or blunting when relaxation and / or behavioral therapies no longer have results. The mouth guard is made by a dental technician from a soft rubber that can be worn at night, but also by day, depending on the patient’s case. The mouth guard has the function of stopping the teeth from friction, preventing their destruction and additional attrition.

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