This is the only specialty that ensures the restoration of the patient’s affected teeth by the lack of one

or more of them and redefines his ability to masticate and pronounce.

Dental prosthesis

The best solution for you

This is the only specialty that provides the patient with the restoration of affected teeth by lack of one or more of them and gives it the ability to masticate and pronounce.

It is the dental reconstruction solution that needs support structures (natural teeth or implants), it has a metal base and a porcelain crown that imitates the teeth in a natural way. The advantage of these prostheses is that dental breaches are eliminated and it prevents the possibility of changing the position of the nearby teeth.

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The mobile prosthesis

Teeth available to anyone

The mobile prosthesis is the option in the case of a total lack of teeth. It can be made of acrylic materials perfectly adapted to the gum and is fixed on the dental mucosa. Another option involves the use of a metallic structure on which the teeth and the acrylic material lean on, fixed with some hooks on the original teeth providing perfect mastication. Unlike the fixed prosthesis, it can be removed from the mouth at night and for cleaning.

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Patient expectations

Our technician is an artist

Making a prosthesis lasts for a maximum two weeks and involves 4 visits to the dentist to determine the type applicableto each patient and to make the prints necessary to create a prosthesis that will fit perfectly. Wearing a prosthesis can give the patient a temporary discomfort, not excluding the occurrence of minor pain or irritation until he will get use to it.

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The dental bridge

Minimum investment – maximum effect

Dental bridges can only be applied to patients who need to replace one to eight teeth, the main condition being that the natural teeth on which the bridge lean on are healthy or have good roots with the pivot included. The benefits of using dental bridges come together with improved mastication, speech and prevention of healthy teeth damage. The appearance of a dental bridge reconstruction is as natural as the use of porcelain as a raw material in manufacturing. If oral hygiene is respected, this type of prosthetic dervice ensures for the patient at least 6 years of comfort or more, depending on the medical situation of each one.

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Dental crown

For each of us, the aspect is very important

The dental crown is created by special dental technicians to recreate the shape, functionality and appearance of a problem tooth. We need a dental crown when we have a teeth broken, broken, bent, when we want to protect a degraded tooth, when we want to cover a dental implant. The most used patients are the metal porcelain crowns, the entire ceramic crowns, but also the gold and platinum crowns. Each of them has indications for frontal, molar or premolar teeth. The procedure is relatively easy, the first visit consisting of the removal of the cary and the preparation of the tooth for the crown. At the same time, a tooth mold will be made to the manufacturing technician and a temporary acrylic crown will be placed to protect the tooth until the next visit. At the second visit a physiognomy is done and the third time you enter the office you are standing the permanent crown. Oral hygiene indications are essential to increase crown resistance over 10 years of use.

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